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May 2014

I woke up this morning with the impending doom of check-out hanging over my head. No lazy coffee write the bloggy morning - just coffee, edit & post, get dressed, repack and call Mom. Call Mom - crap it's Mother's Day! and I need to go to brunch. Another impossible... Read more →

I woke this morning with the sun streaming into my suite window and vague memories of a dream where I stood on a table rallying poets to write about place. I quote my dream self speaking to uninspired poet, "I would love it if you wrote about a drainage ditch,... Read more →

There is nothing like a red-eye flight to get you into town with a whole day to explore but not quite enough sleep to be completely functional. I knew this today when I questioned the necessity of my customs declaration form with the stewardess as we arrived into the Toronto... Read more →