Eating the Eyeballs of a Horse Mackerel
Ode to Baked Brussel Sprouts with Garlic and Butter


 A few days ago I started my food poem series for National Poetry Month's 30 for 30 poem challenge.  Since Friday my computer/Internet ate my homework - but please enjoy my Sunday, April 7, 2013 edition.  Poem 7 for 30/30 challenge. 

Kombucha and uneeda 2013 013
1/3 lb beef patty juice drips

forming a brown red pool on the white plate.

Tan bun soaked - just a bit pink.

A mushroom slips from beneath the bread

as I lift it to my mouth and bite.

Kombucha and uneeda 2013 021
Burger featured is #8 mushrooms & gruyere with a gluten free bun at Uneeda Burger, Fremont Neighborhood, Seattle, Washington.
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